Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Finally...a TNR that the weather was nice for!  A bit windy but the sun more than made up for the wind.  Surprisingly we only had 7 riders, 8 once we met Rudy climbing the Alp.
Apparently Jimmy had a hankering for gravel cause we hit up a lot.  Even tossed in a mushy MMR (minimum maintenance road) and a path best suited for a mountain bike.  No flats were had, however I could have used one to catch my breathe!  We had a rider join us from Chicago in town on business...he must think we are a bunch of crazies.

Overall I was happy with how I rode.  My fitness isn't all in yet but it's still early.  Even more early if you consider the ITI race isn't till March 1st!  Towards the end of the ride my legs started to bark back at me.  I try and ignore it and sometimes I can and sometimes they win and I have to sit up.

The Westside Dirty Benjamin decided to reopen registration and take up to 400 riders!  Yep, sent a card in yesterday...singlespeed.  Apparently I have a title to defend!


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