Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tuscobia Winter Ultra.

The date for the 2014/15 Tuscobia Winter Ultra has been announced: January 1st-3rd.  I kind of like the dates.  Not being a huge New Years Eve guy this suits me just fine.  With the cost and time commitment of the ITI I'm not able to do both the Arrowhead and the Tuscobia.  With the Arrowhead costing more to get into, travel, lodging, etc I will most likely only do the Tuscobia...if any.  Plus the Arrowhead no longer gives an ITI entrance for the following year, but the Tuscobia does.  Just what Jen to go race in Alaska two years in a row!
Crazy, haven't had our first 80 degree day yet and I'm already looking forward to winter!

But today is sunny and 70 and I am more than ready for that!  Short day at work and I don't have kid duty after so it bike time!  Gravel it is.


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Charly Tri said...

I am going to come at you like a spider monkey! BTW, everyone knows that only Buffington gets the ITI entry.