Monday, May 05, 2014


We, the family and I, headed up to Bemidji Friday late afternoon to visit my sister and her family.  Not much was done Friday night as it was getting late by the time we go there.
Saturday Chad and I talked about riding our bikes but the the clouds, cold, and high winds were enough to persuade me to stay inside.  We had plenty to do.  We celebrated Avery's 8th Birthday!  One more to go, Brinna, on June 9th.
Sunday was different.  While cool the sun was out and the wind was down.  Chad took me on his "go to" loop.  I'd swap my county road 8 loop any day.  A mix of gravel, pavement, minimum maintenance roads, hills, and awesome scenery pushed 2 hours by in a snap.  Thanks Chad.

We headed for home early evening getting us home around 8:30.  My Grandma passed away on Friday so we started packing for our trip to Marshall.  While it's always sad, she lived a full, exciting life to 92 years old!  So off to Marshall today and back home tomorrow evening.

May be back for the TNR but not sure.  Hope to make it.


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