Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Night Gravel is the Best.

Gravel got the call last night and the #TNR fell to second.  Upon getting home I put riding on hold.  The yard needed mowing, the dishes needed to be done, and supper needed making.  Jen and the girls had a busy night ahead so I made dinner and started picking up.  After dinner I planned to mow and ride if I felt like it.  Jen said it was too nice to not ride so I should skip mowing...sweet!

I had the All City Nature Boy all ready for some night gravel.  I left home around 6:15.  I ended up doing a large portion of the Dirt Bag I course.  The gravel is super fast right now.  I had a blast and Jen was right, it was too nice of a night not to ride.  Just prior to sunset and an hour past the bugs were thick.  I got my second meal.
Ended up with 5 hours and 86 miles.  By the time I refueled a bit, showered, and got into bed it was almost midnight.  Of course I had to go through social media so I'm going on about 5 hours of sleep.  Not enough for this guy.  But well worth it.

Recovery ride of sorts this morning.  Looks to be another great day.

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