Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saturday was the West Side Dirty Benjamin.  Rain, sleep, and work prevented me from riding on Sunday.  Well we (the family and I) biked to my folks for dinner.  Even hit up some single track on the way back.  Monday I should have gotten up with the alarm at 5:15 to ride but convinced myself sleep was more important.  Missed out on the best part of the day.

Yesterday I finally got back on the bike for the TNR.  I believe there were 8 of us.  We made our way North to Rice.  We averaged a bit over 23 mph to get there.  Not much talking, but just a strung out line of riders and tongues.
From Rice we went up to Royalton, North a bit more to the Soo Line Trail to Bowlus, and Holdingford.  After watering up at Holdingford we jumed on to River Street...the road of rollers.  This road always hurts and last night was no different.

About 10 miles left in the ride I nailed a nice sized pot hole.  I run tubeless road tires.  I hit it so hard I put a slit in the tire just above the bead.  I was pissed.  It wasn't pointed out, tires are expensive, and I just got these.  The comment was made there are just too many to point out.  I damn near lost it, but in typical Ben fashion I just shut down.  Between the sealant, a tube, and Clif Bar wrapper I got it to work.  Hell I'm going to keep using it.  At retail this is a $90 tire.  Honestly, it's nobody's fault.  I miss stuff to point out too.  Plus we were drilling it, making it even harder.  Shit they say.

May get a recovery ride (1.5-2 hrs) in this morning if everything lines up.  I work at noon and have tomorrow as my day off.  Currently 60% chance of rain...yippee!


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