Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Jen and the two older girls are most likely sitting at their gate waiting to board a plane for Orlando and all that town has to offer.  Harper and I will hold the fort down here.  Jen goes to Orlando for school and brought the kids with this time to enjoy the parks.  It's just too hard for me to leave for a week this time of year.  Plus Harper is only two.  Next time.

Yesterday, before they left for the cities, we biked to the new coffee shop in Sauk Rapids, Rock Creek Coffee House or something...I keep forgetting the name.  Overall we were impressed and will go back.  It's a bonus we get to bike along the river most of the way there.

After the family split, Harper and I took off for an evening ride down the Beaver Island Trails, a stop off at Mike's house, and a check on the North Loop.  A bit over an hour and Harper was down for the count.

Today is the Summer Solstice Century (#SSC).  Hoping we dodge the rain bursts, but it's June it happens.  I'm pretty stoked for this ride.  Hoping for a big turnout.  So far I know of about 13 riders coming!

No I won't be pulling Harper in the trailer...my folks are helping out a ton this week.  In fact, Harper and I are crashing at their place tonight!


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