Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Solstice Century (SSC)

Tuesday started off looking great in the weather department but as the day progressed so did the clouds and the potential threat of rain.  No matter we were set on going.  4:30 it was go time.

I wasn't sure how many riders would show.  But as early as a bit after 3 riders started trickling in.  It was awesome to get some riders/friends up from the Cities to ride with us.  I know it's a day event for them given the drive, etc.  Local riders that I haven't seen for a bit also showed.  We started with 16 riders.  By the time we left town we were to 17 and up to 18 in Little Falls.

Because it was a North/North West wind we made our way to Little Falls, Camp Ripley, gas station stop, back to Little Falls, North Branch, St. Stephen/St. Wendell area, Sartell, and home.  Because daylight is constantly working against us time is tight.  Last year we got 8 flats!  This year we made it out flats!  The wind was minimal and we only got rained on a few times.  I was soaked but it wasn't an all day rain.  Very spotty. 
We did a great job with the speed too.  We averaged between 21-22 and very few crazy attacks.  The group was able to stick together the entire time.
Overall a huge success.  Thanks to all that came out.

I did my county road 8 loop (25 miles) this morning to spin the legs.  Onto the Lutsen 99er this weekend.  I got a rigid fork for my mtb bike and attempted to put it on this evening.  I knew I would need a new headset but assumed the one I had in my basement was the right one.  Nope, should have looked at it first.  I have a King IS-2 and need a 7.  May rob the headset from the Salsa Colossal or order a new one.  It would be here Friday which is my departure date.  Ugh.  More money and time, which I lack both of!  Great.
I've been stressed lately and not sure why.  Running around all crabby and such, sorry.  Plus I think I'm getting a summer cold.  May just stay in bed on Saturday!


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