Monday, June 02, 2014

The Hours are Creeping Up.

Last week turned out to be an ok week of riding for me.  Didn't go down exactly as planned but it usually doesn't with 3 kids, a business, and the weather.

Wednesday: 3.5 hours of gravel
Thursday: 4.5 hours on the road
Friday: 3 hours on the road
Saturday: hoped to ride but worked at a bike rodeo, then work, plus lots of rain.
Sunday: 3 hours.  Took the Fargo out.  Figured the gravel roads would be soft so having a wider tire may be nice.  They were and it was.  I met up with Matt N. and we headed out on parts of the Dirt Bag course.  Soft roads and a strong headwind had us moving slowly but we were out and that's all that mattered.  I was hoping to avoid the rain for the day but it wasn't to be.  At about 1.5 hours in it started to rain then really rain with some thunder and lightning.  I was hoping for a 4+ hours but we turned for home and I ended with 3.  Even with the rain and wind it was a pretty sweet ride.

I had some extra time during the day so I cleaned the Fargo, adjusted the new King hubs on the Colossal, and switched the gearing on the All City from CX to gravel.  The bikes are ready.

And here comes Monday.

Thursday-Sunday is our Anniversary Sale at the shop so it should be a busy, fast week.  I'll sneak in rides when I can.


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