Friday, June 20, 2014


The last post never published till now, must of missed the publish button.  Oh well.

Thursday was my off day from work.  We made plans to hit the Cities area, but Harper came down with a temp Wednesday night and it stuck around for Thursday too.  So home we stayed.

We all jumped on our bikes once the rain stopped and rode the Beaver Island Trails.  We only rode about 10 miles but with stops, exploring, food breaks, etc it took two hours.  It was a damn fine time.

At home we cleaned the gutters, mowed, trimmed shrubs, hung bird feeders, and other random stuff.  While not the most exhilarating day it was fun and we got lots done.

Tonight Kyle and I are heading out on a night ride.  I'm pretty excited. Shooting for 2-3 hours, hit me up if interested.


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