Monday, June 23, 2014

#TNR: Summer Solstice Century.

Alright, tomorrow's TNR is the Summer Solstice Century.  I've received several inquiries and such.  I hope to answer it all here, etc.

Start: We leave Revolution 4:30 sharp.  No waiting this time.  Time and light are precious on this ride.

Route: It's 100 miles.  I ride that a lot.  I look at the wind and go into it.  Around 50 miles I make my way home.  I didn't pour over maps pinning down all the turns and such.  So no, I don't have a route.  That being said I know a few hoping to meet us along the route, so we will be heading North.  Leaving town the same as last week.  That pushes us through Sauk Rapids and up the Pirate's Cove Road...east side of the Mississippi.
We'll make our way to Little Falls.  At this point we'll use the power of the group and go where ever.  From this point on I'm not sure.

A suggestion would be to turn left on Hwy 27 and go into Swanville.  It's about a 10-15 mile stretch on 27.  By myself it's fine but with a large group I'm not sure.  Not sure on traffic at that time.  But coming back from Swanville is pretty sweet.  This may be a bit more that 100 too.  A thought.

Speed: I truly hope to keep the average at 20-21 mph.  I'd like to eliminate the 28 mph pulls, etc. just a solid, steady ride.  But note we are battling the sunset so we will need to stick to this, which, with flats, stops, etc. there will be moments of higher speed.

Suggestions:  This is our 4th year doing this and every year we've ended in the dark...please bring (at a minimum) a rear flashing light.  Common sense stuff.  Bring more than two bottles, unless you're Jimmy, that's why we wear jersey's with pockets.  We will stop to refuel once.  This stop may be at a gas station, maybe not...bring money.  Maybe Little Falls maybe further out.  Again, daylight get's very scarce so please make our stop and out.  Along with 3 bottles I'd bring some food (enough for the ride in case we don't stop at a gas station...just saying!
Hopefully it's not like last year, but if it is, I'd bring more than one tube.  I think the group had something like 8 flats last year!

Afterwards:  In the past we've hung out at the shop and had various foods, etc.  It's always been a trick for us to plan on time, number of people, etc.  I'm open to ideas but thinking if we get back in time we can get burritos at Qdoba.  The catch is they are only open till 10.  NY Gyro is awesome and open till 2 or 3.  That's an option too.
Or if I get enough response we can plan on pizza again too from the shop.  All is good.

I'm pretty excited for this...should be fun.


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