Monday, June 30, 2014

Week of Miles...I guess!

Friday morning I still had slight aspirations of making the trek up North to do the Lutsen 99er.  I narrowed the problem and knew what I had to do.  I went to work to wait for the needed headset to be delivered.  Got that on and ready to roll.  Next stop Home Depot for some cement caulk and such.  Only problem was the cement needed to be dry.  It was super humid out.  Between leaf blowers and rags I was getting close only to have it downpour some more.  Instead of fretting and freaking I called the trip off and went on with me time off of work.

Jen, Brinna, and Avery were still in Florida and my folks were up at their cabin with Harper so ride I did.  Rain was predicted but it was dry so I went...granted it was crazy windy.  I took the Salsa Fargo.  We hit gravel and pavement and whatever.  Don't laugh, but I put aero bars on.  It was nice to have another body position.  I did encounter one rain storm.  It was hard to see or even move but it was short lived and the only storm.  Ended with 107 miles.

Saturday the family situation was the same so again I rode.  This time on the Salsa Colossal.  About 40 miles in I realized I forgot my seatbag on another bike.  So I had that to worry about the entire ride!  Again it was windy but even more humid.  I was soaked as if it was raining.  I had no real plan or route, just ride.  Ended with 101 miles.

Rest of Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging with Harper and some with my folks, who've been a huge help this week!

Unplanned but I had kind of a big block of riding this past week:

Sunday: 85
Monday: 20
Tuesday: 100
Wednesday: 26
Thursday: off
Friday: 107
Saturday: 101
Sunday: off

Easy this week then bike up to the in-laws cabin on Thursday.

Let's get this week started.

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