Friday, July 18, 2014

Back to work today.
Yesterday was a good day.  Gardening, mowing, landscaping, mountain biking, and Anniversary dinner all happened.  Good stuff.
I did check out Plum Creek for a lap.  The new bridge section is great!  Prior to that there are still a lot of low lying wet areas.  Crazy it's still wet.  Then it was off to the North Loop for a lap too.  Shorter ride but still fun.
Heading out soon on the road bike for a 3 hour stint.  Tomorrow is shaping up to potentially be a big day on the bike.  Not sure yet on the details but it should be fun!
Then Sunday is an early up and at 'em day...The Tour of Saints.  I'm usually out there at 5:45 or so to start pumping tires and adjusting gears.  A long day of watching others ride.  I should be home around 3 or so.  I'll be a tired boy but hope to hit up a few laps at the North Loop.
Then Monday...

Happy Weekend.

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