Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I was all set to do the TNR.  I had my bike and gear at work, ready for the 5:30 roll out.  However, the wind and the good reports from friends that hit up the North Loop that morning had me slowly changing my mind.  Finally the possibility of doing the mtb race in Duluth this weekend came about...sealing the deal, riding dirt it would be.

I ended up doing about 4 laps at the North Loop.  Even with the rain Monday the trail is in great (given the spring/summer we've had) condition.  At the end of my last loop Jen biked the girls up and I did the Sport Loop with Brinna and Avery.  They've come a long way since last year!  It won't be long before we are tackling the whole loop.

Plans of getting 4 hours in this morning before work at noon are slipping away.  Harper got up with me so we're hanging out.  The biggest question is do I wear long sleeves or not.  It's chilly!

I need to see if the Duluth race works for me.  Hoping it does, sounds like a fun course and it's been a long time since I've done a mtb race.


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