Thursday, July 31, 2014

Great Ride.

Two days off and I was itching to get back out on the bike.  Yesterday I did my favorite route of the summer...up to Little Falls and back.  Great roads, scenic, good weather, and the right wind all made for a great ride.  It ends just shy of 80 miles.  I left early enough to get back home at 10, leaving me plenty of time to get ready for the day, etc.

Today we have the Jamis Demo Truck coming to the shop from 4:30-8.  Demo's can be taken on the Thursday Night Group Ride too!  Currently my plan is to do the group ride.  However, summer is nearing it's end and school will start up soon.  The pressure of getting "everything" in is starting to mount and I feel I maybe should be home.  Damn I hate anxiety...maybe that's why I ride so much?!

Nonetheless (shop talk) if you are in the area and curious about 650B mountain bikes are want to try a road bike with Sram Red, etc stop by and take a Jamis out for a spin.


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