Thursday, July 10, 2014

Great Summer Rides.

Little to no wind, blue skies, and cooler temps made for and awesome ride yesterday.  With, what wind there was, being out of the NW I made my way up to Sartell and the River Road.  I wasn't sure I'd have time but I decided to head to Little Falls and back.  Essentially this is just up one side of the Mississippi and back down the other.  I've ridden to Little Falls lots but usually with more added on or other routes tacked on.  In 36 miles I was crossing the Mississippi in Little Falls.  With the lack of wind I was making good time too.
I was back home in just under 4 hours and a bit over 76 miles.  It felt great.
I'm thinking of hitting up the dirt again tonight for a bit.  Nothing crazy.

Pretty sure racing in Duluth this Sunday is a go.  Now to find a hotel.


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