Monday, July 21, 2014

It All Blurs Together Sometimes.

When one gets up early or does long rides, days tend to roll into each other.  I had some of both this weekend.
Saturday I didn't get up super early but early enough to be on the bike by 7:45.  I was heading to Hutchinson to meet up with Jim (who was doing a road race).  We would then bike home together.

I actually used Google Maps to get my biking route.  I liked what they suggested, plus I knew the roads so it would be easy navigating.  Essentially I went down Cty road 8 to Hwy 24 to Cty road 6 with a left turn onto the Luce Line Trail.  I was facing a headwind this whole way, which slowed my progress, but not my spirits. It appears the Luce Line is getting ready to be paved or just received some love.  This provided some soft gravel.  The section of the Luce I'm more familiar with is the section in the Dirty Benjamin.  Here is crushed limestone type rock.  Very hard and fast.  Not the 15 miles I was on!  Fun nonetheless, plus the Salsa Colossal with 28's handled it just fine.
Once in Hutchinson I refueled and made my way up to the race course.  Timing was perfect.  Jimmy had recently finished and was ready to roll out.
We cruised home, on  different route.  We made a couple stops for food and of course Diet Coke.  Closed roads put us on some dusty gravel, but again the bike did just fine.
Ended with 132 miles for the day.

Sunday I was up around 4:45 getting myself ready for a day of pumping tires and turning gears at the Tour of Saints...mechanic duty.
I was out there for 8 hours.  Always amazed at how little preparation some people do for rides.  Guess that's why I'm there!

I did manage a 2 hour mtb ride at the North Loop later in the day.  It was a hot one.

About to head out for an easy spin before work.  Jen and the girls get home this afternoon from the lake so hope to spend sometime with them before they head off to another lake Tuesday.  Ahhh, summer!


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