Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It Takes All Kinds...of riding.

I promise, next Tuesday I will hit up the TNR.  But this week the NW winds and cooler temps pushed me back into the woods and on some dirt.  This time, however, I wasn't alone.  Jeff, Tom, and Noah all joined in for some dirt adventure.  Well, as much adventure as the North Loop can provide!

I really am digging the 2-3 hour ride that gets me home around 7:30 or so.  I actually still ate dinner with my family.  Working retail I work a couple 12-8 shifts plus a few rides and I'm not home for dinner all that often.  So when the TNR has me getting back at the shop around 9:15 I'm more apt for the dirt and my own schedule.  Plus the TNR is a hammer fest and I have to be in the "mood" for it or I just get crabby.  Yeah I'm a weirdo, but the first to admit it.  All that being said, I do love a good TNR throw down so I need to get back on it.  I do feel everyone has been a bit burnt on the TNR.  Ever since our Summer Solstice Century ride the attendance has been low.  I have a feeling next week will be back up on top.  Zoom, zoom.

Yesterday, more so than normal, my twitter feed was blowing up with cyclocross action!  It's getting closer.  I'm in the process with Podium Wear of finalizing my teams (Revolution Cross Collective) new kits.  Getting pretty excited!!  Let me know if you're interested in the team action.

Today Jen and I celebrate 15 years of marriage!  Wow!  I have today and tomorrow off.  Nothing huge planned.  Some family stuff and hopefully dinner out tomorrow just the two of us.


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