Monday, July 28, 2014

Loving My Fargo.

The ride to my in-laws cabin on Friday was awesome.  I left in the rain but that soon stopped and was treated to a nice tailwind.  I took a less than direct route that popped me out in Milaca.  From here I found some awesome gravel roads.  They were narrow, treed, and filled with water in spots.  Super glad I brought the Fargo with wider tires.  The gravel was pretty soft.
I made it to the cabin with 93 miles on.  About a half hour later the skies cleared and a great day was ahead.

Saturday was spent in and around the water doing water stuff.  Pretty lazy day.  A small stormed rolled through mid afternoon but was gone very fast and blue skies once again.

Sunday I worked so I got up early to ride home.  Inside our tent I could hear how crazy windy it was.  I was hesitant at even going but know I would have regretted it later.  I was on the bike by 6:30.  While it was windy it helped me most of the time.  Some cross winds and head winds but nothing serious.  I took the ATV Soo Line trail for about 5 miles into the wind.  There I was sheltered pretty well.  I made it home in 3 hours for 55 miles.  I thought it was 64 miles and planned on more time so I had time to spare.  Stupid anxiety for nothing!

Thought about getting up early this morning to ride or run but wanted sleep.  Plus we have Trail Work tonight at the North Loop.  That's always a good workout!  Join us at 6.  We're starting the process of getting the trail ready for the race this fall.


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