Thursday, July 17, 2014

Making Time.

It's odd having a couple days off middle of the work week.  But working retail there really is not a "set" standard I guess.  I used to not mind working weekends, actually kind of liked it, but lately it's getting hard.  Everything seemingly happens on weekends.  Thus everyone wants weekends off.  Looking forward to September and beyond, I have stuff tentatively planned many of the weekends.  Inspiration 100, Single Track Escape (race director and hopefully racer), Metal Cross, Heck of the North, plus as many CX races I can squeeze in.  I'm already stressing out.  Stupid anxiety!

Nonetheless, I was off yesterday and had a great time with the family.  At first I was all mopey as we didn't have anything planned.  I later told Jen that I feel if I have time off I should be "doing" something.  Once I figured out how to chill it was a good day.  We made our way over to Summertime by George for the free concert and numerous food vendors.  Jen and I actually watched a movie too.  Not without hiccups, but hey we watched and adult movie!  You know, not G rated nor cartoons!
Plus I got a 2.5 hour road ride in too!

Not sure about today.  Jen and I are on a date tonight for dinner.  More family time before hand.  I wanted to ride 4+ hours on the road but think some MTB time is better...just not sure on the time or duration, if at all.  Plum Creek received some bridges yesterday, thanks to Sam and John, so go hit it up!


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