Friday, July 25, 2014

Mini Tour.

The Fargo got a rear rack last night and is all set and ready to roll North.  Just waiting on a bit more sunlight and hopefully the rain to stop.  We actually really need the rain, but why couldn't it wait till I was an hour North or so?!  I had planned a mixture of gravel and paved roads but not sure I'm feeling it right now.  Because it has been pretty dry the past few weeks I guessing both road surfaces will be fine an hour after the rain stops.

I'm really not a big cabin or lake person anymore but I really miss my family so super excited to get up there (in-laws cabin) and hang out with them.  The past couple weeks they haven't been home much.  We are pretty damn lucky that both parent's have cabins not too far away.  Now only if I could stomach other people's kids and was a teacher too!

The Thursday Night Ride (TNR II) from the shop had a good sized crew last night.  Really wish I would have gone but I was packing and getting the bike ready.  I haven't been on one of these rides yet.  It's hard to be gone from home 3 nights in a row (TNR, work till 8 on Wed., and the TNR II), but last night would have been perfect.  Oh well...only so much time.

Happy Weekend.


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