Friday, July 11, 2014

More Dirt.

I can't seem to get enough mountain biking in lately.  I hit up the North Loop again yesterday.  Popped out 4 laps.  Two of those were with Nate and Sam...those guys are smooth!  We checked out both .3 and Doom's Return Trails.  We opened .3 but kept Doom's Return closed.  If it hadn't rained this morning I'd guess Doom's would be open today...soon!

Had hoped to get a easy 2 hours in on the road bike this morning but rain kept me in bed and then sleep took over.  Currently I still have time to ride but it is still sprinkling.  Just not in the "getting wet" mood.  Plus I should take today off.  I was going to ride today or tomorrow and rest the other.  Looks like I spin tomorrow. Whoa...just figured I almost got 10 hours of sleep!!!  Must of needed it.

After work tomorrow the family and I are busting on up to Duluth for the night.  I'm all signed up for the Great Hawk Chase race at Lester Park, Marathon Class.  Pretty excited.  Then it'll be Fitger's for a late lunch.  A good weekend.


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