Monday, July 07, 2014

Not Recovered.

Last Thursday, July 3rd, I planned a big day previously mentioned.  I got out around 8:30 and started heading North.

St. Cloud, Sartell, Rice, Opal, Bowlus, Elmdale, Flensburg, Randall, Pillager, around and through Brainerd, Pine Center, and the cabin.  Ended with 130 miles.
There was either a head wind or no wind (which feels like a headwind) the entire ride.  I could tell my legs hadn't recovered from the previous week yet.  Heavy and sluggish.

I worked Saturday and somewhat planned to bike home from the cabin, which is about 60 miles via a direct route.  But at 5:15 in the morning the wind was already kicking up pretty strong out of the south. Wasn't feeling a beat down for 3-4 hours.  Jen drove me!
Because Saturday was the nicest day I drove back up after work.  Got my swim on, glad I went back.

Sunday we packed up and headed for home.  I really wanted a ride but did yard work and such instead.  Again I thought about going out but the wind was ridiculous and I could still feel my legs.  I did get a lap in at the North Loop to check it out.  I officially opened it up, minus a few small sections.  Finally!
So only a few days of riding last week, but still around 11-12 hours I'd guess.

Just finished up a 3 hour ride with Matt and Mike.  Super nice to get a ride in before 8!  Bonus was I felt great!

I really struggle with the whole balancing thing: family, riding, work, and recovery.  Never know if I'm doing the right thing.  During the moment I was bumming I wasn't riding but now know it was the right thing.  Always more riding to do!

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