Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Old, Fun Road Revisited.

I survived the TNR!  As noted it was a more casual pace.  However, we still averaged 20 mph for 3 hours.  This ride was fun, a lot of fun.  First it was my magic group size...8 riders!  Not too many for chaos but enough for recovery.  Second the pace was not nose bleed type stuff but still put the sting to the legs and lungs at points.  And lastly, we took roads we always used to ride but haven't for a very long time.  It was nice to ride some of the roads that I started riding on: 7 Wonders, Fruit Farm, Tower, Schuman Lake, etc.

Wednesday is my noon-8 day and the family is gone, again, at cabins.  Thus I'm about to set off for a 3-4 hour ride.  Rumblings of a night ride started last night on my phone but that conversation died so not sure if that's a go.  My lights are plugged in nonetheless.


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