Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TNR and Bike Problems.

I'm doing it!  The TNR is on...for me.  It's been a few weeks but I'm ready to head back for some TNR action.  Even with the strong North winds (my least favorite direction) it's on.
This may be a bit more tame TNR.   A good friend recently lost his mom to cancer.  He's looking for friends and a ride...perfect.  No beat downs tonight.  Well some may still do so and that's great.  Either regrouping or a split may occur and that's great too.  Let's ride!

Well it's that time of year again.  All the bike companies are having their shows to release their 2015 product.  This means my appetite to "want" bulges a bit more than normal!  If I really sit and look at my bikes I'm really happy with what I have and the niche it fills.  This doesn't mean I still don't want more!  Currently my wants are a full suspension  mountain bike.  Nothing top notch, but I wouldn't say no either, but solid everyday stuff.  I love my rigid single speed but sometimes wish I had gears to travel to other trails around town without crazy rmp's.  I also always lust over a new cx bike, but really what I have is awesome, for me.  So yep, a full suspension mtb is my current lust.
I am getting close to selling my Mukluk and strongly contemplating selling my Ti Fargo.  I love it every time I ride it and I actually ride it a good amount but would I ride something else more?  Plus I really don't use the Fargo for it's designed purpose, off road touring.  For me it's a comfy gravel bike or better yet my anything bike...but can't my cx/gravel La Cruz do the same thing?  Oh my problems are deep I tell you!

Happy Tuesday.

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