Thursday, July 03, 2014

Up Nort.

Gearing up for my ride up North to the in-laws cabin.  As the crow flies it's about 60 miles.  I'll turn it into a 100 or so.  I was prepared to get up early and to be riding by 6 but Jen said no hurry...sweet!  8:30 departure here we come.
I'll have to head home early Saturday morning to work.  I have Sunday off and thought of going back on Saturday after work but may stay home to mow, clean, laundry, etc.  Stuff I put off as long as possible.  The weather will play a role in my decision.

I did get out for 3.5 hours yesterday.  I always expect my legs to feel energetic and ready to GO after a few days off but it's usually not the case.  They did come around after an hour +.  The plan in my head is to pile on the hours this month and give August a good chill.  Easy to no rides for a couple of weeks.  Then start so cx specific stuff.  I love the lsd (long slow distance) but know that's not all I should do.

Ok go time.


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