Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Steps.

Saturday I worked.  It was busy but was a fun, killer day.  That evening three of us hit up the North Loop for a lap.  I was fortunate enough to have a demo 2015 Salsa carbon Horsethief.  Coming from a fully rigid single speed to a 1x11 full suspension mtb the difference was drastic!  Best word to describe it would be smooth.  The roots, bumps, rocks, etc were smoothed out.  Not only did this save my body but provided me with better handling.  Duh...says everyone with suspension! 

Sunday I was to ride early but those plans were canceled due to the rain.  I was ok with that.  Sunday was to be, technically, my last day of easiness, a break, or whatever you want to call it.  Plus I had some bike work I wanted to get done so I was at work by 9.  We open at noon on Sunday.  Man I got a lot done!

We're currently short staffed with some employees on trips or heading back to school.  Thus I have to work the night shift tonight.  A first for me I think!  Bummed I will miss trail work again.  It is predicted to rain so maybe it will be postponed.  But if not there is Trail Work tonight at the North Loop, 5:30.

Not sure on my plans today.  Bike, gym, run, nothing...
After taking time off I do struggle to get back at it.  Baby steps!

This Sunday, however, will be a long jump.  A few of us, you're welcome to join, are heading out for a 100 mile gravel ride.  One last hurrah before the Inspiration 100.

Happy Week. 

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