Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dirt Tonight.

Pumped!  Only work till noon today and have Friday all off.  I do work the weekend but I'm ready for a couple days off.  Jen has a reunion meeting down in the cities this evening.  I'm tagging along and meeting up some friends to rip off a couple laps at Elm Creek.  Can't wait...some of my favorite trails.

We don't have set plans for Friday but believe we are staying down in Coon Rapids and may bop around the cities some.  I'd love to get a long ride in but an really trying to stick to a reduced riding plan for a bit.  There are some cool wooded trails by Jen's folk's house so maybe a trail run if my legs are healed by then...sheesh.

I went to the gym yesterday for a bit before work.  The lady checking me in said it was nice to see me again.  I said Summer was almost over, I usually don't go to the gym over the Summer.  She acted as if I swore at her!  Ha!  I love the change of seasons.  I am more than ready for fall and CX!

Speaking of CX...I am in the process of finalizing the Revolution Cross Collective kits.  They are starting to look pretty cool.  Thanks Podium Wear and Kyia.


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