Friday, August 08, 2014

Fast Single Track.

As mentioned I met up with Matt and Monte at Elm Creek for some dirt action. Well those guys were out for speed, or so it seemed to me!  It's a miracle I never crashed. I did warm up and found my groove but that was soon followed by a bonk. When I bonk my upper body gets weak and I feel a bit woozy in the head. A sleeve of Clif Bloks helped that out.

The parking lot easily had 50 cars in it!  Amazingly the trails were not too crowded. Do yourself a favor and hit up Elm Creek. Super fast, flowy trails. Fun!

Of course cx was discussed. Even more jacked for it. Both those guys are in great shape, sure to make me hurt.  I have a feeling cx is going to hurt a bit more this year!  There seems to be more buzz about cx this year, hoping that turns into more folks racing. I'll admit it's an intimidating sport but once you're in you'll be hooked.

We stayed down at Jen's folks last night.  Not 100% sure what we'll do. Run around the big city a bit, maybe. Coffee at Angry Catfish was planned but Jen is still in bed so moving on to lunch!

Happy Weekend.

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