Friday, August 01, 2014

Little of this and a Little of that.

Well family time trumped the Thursday Night Group Ride and Jamis Demo.  Of course it had to be an almost "perfect" night for a road ride!  I did get out for a tad over and hour at the North Loop.  The revised Twisted Sister section of trail is running pretty well.  It needs more traffic to make it faster but it's more trail and pretty fun.
Harper and I picked the kids up from play practice.  On the way over we stopped and picked up some contacts I had ordered.  I totally blew a stop sign...just missed it.  Of course it was by the police station so I got pulled over.  Awesome!  Got off with a warning.  Must be my good looks!

My folks took us out for ice cream to celebrate my 6 years of sobriety.  Man I love ice cream.  One addiction to the next I guess!

August 1st today!  I'm biking to work shortly to start the end of month reports than off for a ride before returning to work this morning.  Go, go, go.

The play performance, that Brinna and Avery are in, is this afternoon.  They are pretty pumped as am I.  I could never do that while they seem to not have an issue with it.
Wedding tomorrow and work on Sunday.  Oh summer how you like to pack it all in.


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