Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Looking Forward.

If you're counting I'm going on day 3 of sore legs from running on Sunday!  Had a customer ask me if I was limping yesterday...ha!  Must be getting time to run again.
Yesterday was a long day at work and just wasn't in my head to push myself on the TNR.  Instead  Mike and I went out for a nice two hour spin around Briggs Lake.  Just what I needed.
Plus I crashed on the MTB about three weeks ago.  Knocked the wind out of me, first in a very long time.  Apparently I hurt an upper rib in some way or another.  The past few days it's flared up.  Deep breathing is fun and out of the saddle climbing is joyful as well.  Yeah...

Noon to 8 shift today so usually I head out for a 3-4 hour ride.  Somewhat of a busy morning with the family and this "time" off thing is happening.  Not so easy.  So...maybe the gym before work, maybe.

Work continues to be busy.  Always a good thing.  Preseason orders are piling up so that needs some doing.  After a long summer, albeit short with the rain, I'm ready for a season change.  First some gravel, CX racing then XC skiing and FAT BIKING!!!
Bring It.


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