Friday, August 22, 2014

Loving the Bike.

Three days in a row!  It feels so good to be out riding.  I think the routine of being off the bike is fading and my groove for being on the bike is on its way back...awesome.
Yesterday was my 9-12 shift which turned into 8-30-2:15, but so retail goes.   I was stressed but for nothing.  I need to learn to chill, I'll feel so much better.  The family was still gone and I had a solid 3-4 hour chuck before they returned.  It actually turned out perfect.

I jumped on my Salsa La Cruz and headed East.  Then it was North onto some gravel.  I've been hitting the road too much this year.  I've forgotten how much I love gravel.  It felt so good to be back on it.  The Garmin was switched to the map page and I just good.
Essentially I skirted Foley, through Gillman, back down to Sauk Rapids and home.  I was able to nab a bit more than 3 hours.

Showered and headed to the Co-Op to pick up my CSA for the week.  When I got home the family had just pulled in.  Some late night, and a season first, BLT's were had, also so good!

I work at noon today so planned an early 2 hour ride to be home in time to hang out with the family.  Turns out they are once again heading to a friends cabin for the day.  Yep, they are all in for a rude awakening once school starts, ha, ha, ha!  So the alarm was shut off.  New plan is to hit up the MTB trail for a bit after they take off.  I too will be back on the alarm clock mode once school starts so I'll take sleeping in when I can.  Plus Sunday will be a somewhat early rise with a planned ride departure of 7:00, which I have to drive too.
So excited for that ride: 100 miles of gravel with about 8 buddies (thus far).  Can't wait.

Happy Weekend.

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