Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Off the Bike.

I know taking time off the bike and time away from exercise is good but I'm not very good at it.  I have issues with my brain!  While I've ridden my bike the month of August it's been spotty, and that's by design.  There also has not been any 100 + mile days.  Plus this week, I'm guessing, will entirely be off the bike. Ahhhhh!
Actually I'm cool with it.  Ha, all three days, counting Saturday and Sunday.  Baby steps, right?!

Today we're heading to the folk's cabin to celebrate Brinna's birthday with her friends.  So it's Jen and I and 5 girls (3 ll yr olds, 1 8 yr old, and 1 2 yr old).  Breathe deep...

I'm hoping we get to go to the MN Zoo near the end of the week as well.

In more biking news the sale of my Mukluk Ti (original) was solidified last night!  Could be more happy for it's new home.  Hope this bike likes to ride as it will get some year round miles!  Thanks Christopher.  So does this mean new bike time for Ben?!  I wish, as I always have my eyes on several bikes I "want".  Nope means I'm debt free!!!  Even better.
I do hope to, later this week, get my All City Zona Nature Boy ready for sale.  I am getting a new Nature Boy disc.  This should be a wash or I may come out ahead as I have many of the parts for the bike already.  I also have a 29er wheel set I need to move (Chris King/Stan's).  I just drag my feet putting stuff up for sale.  Just never know when you may need it, right?!!  The garage needs some cleaning, as does the basement, my locker at work, my cubby upstairs, etc.

Happy TNR.

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