Friday, August 29, 2014

Poor Baby.

Sometimes I just don't know what to do.  Last week was my first week back after taking a break from riding or any kind of exercise.  I felt great for the most part and was super stoked to get back after it.  But now this week, the week of blah.  Head Colds have moved into the Doom household.  I'm at the stage of pressurized mucus on the brain with a constant drip.  So fun.
Do I just push through it or nurse it?  I can't drink anymore liquids, or I won't sleep!

I'm just bumming cause I didn't get to have the week I wanted.  I was hoping to ride more and chill more next week before the Inspiration 100 on the 6th.

I actually charged my lights for an early morning ride but the rain stopped that.  Currently thinking about the gym, but just not in that mode yet.  But maybe a good sauna will help clear the noggin!
I am off work tomorrow so there is time for a ride.
Relax Ben, breathe, enjoy the moment...ha.

Maybe it's to work early to give my poor mtb some lovin!

Happy Weekend.

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