Thursday, August 21, 2014


Once again the family is gone doing fun stuff: Como Zoo yesterday and Twins game today.  Ah, poor Benny!  After work yesterday I headed out on my most traveled road loop: County Road 8.  While not incredibly exciting I know every corner, rise, and pothole.  It was perfect for a recovery ride.  I stuck to it too.  I thought of extending it but then that starts to lose the "recovery" part.  All in all a great ride.  Even got to practice my flat changing skills!

Off at noon today.  Guessing I'll get our for a spin at some point.  Hoping to hit some gravel up.  I haven't been on the La Cruz for sometime.  Need to get comfortable on that again.

Having worked 12-8 on Monday my week is all off.  I am about a day behind.  Guess that can be good or bad...!


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