Monday, August 25, 2014

Shake Down Ride.

Sunday morning 7 (Jimmy, Charlie, Matt, Jeff, Corey, Adam, and myself) of us met up do ride 100 miles of mostly gravel.  We got  a late start but still were out pushing pedals by 8:30.  The wind and humidity were also out in force.  We made our way out towards Kimball.  Once south of 24/55 the gravel roads were awesome.  Someone commented they were more like Northern Wisconsin.  They were tight, curvy, rolly, and smooth!  At one point we passed and entrance to Stanley Eddy, a Wright County Park.  We used to mtb there many years ago.  So yep, we took a lap.
We made our first refuel stop in French Lake.  The sun was now out, making water consumption even more important.  We really didnt' go too much further south than French Lake.  We did do a lot of East to West runs.
Once we made the turn North the wind pushed us along but the heat affect increased.  It was starting to turn into a cooker so we backtracked at one point to Annandale for another refuel.

From here on in we took modified versions of the Dirt Bag route of years past.  We ended back at Matt's house with our 100 miles complete.  Another great day on the bike.

I was happy with how I felt.  Overall I felt pretty strong.  I did somethings different to combat the heat and thus far they seem to work really well for me.  Now it's wait and see how it will how shake down Sept. 6th at the Inspiration 100!

Jen starts school workshops this week.  Plus open houses: Jen tonight, Avery tomorrow, and Brinna Wednesday.  Riding may be a bit tricky but hope to snag some here and there.  I toyed with the idea of heading to the cities tomorrow for the first Tuesday Cross Series race but decided Avery's open house was the better call.  Maybe some Warner Lake action instead!

Go Get 'Em...

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