Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Cold.

With Jen at workshops the first part of the week we had to make plans for the kids Monday-Wednesday.  My day was yesterday.  I guess the timing was good.  Harper had a bit of a temp Monday night and a pretty good cold.  I got the cold yesterday.  Sucked.  Nothing copious amount of Skratch Labs can't handle!

I did get a lot done however.  Up early to tackle some preseason orders.  Did three yesterday!  Made French Toast for the kids, mowed the lawn, worked on three bikes (mine, Jen's mom's, and Brinna's) while Harper was napping, and lots of dishes.  Always lots of dishes!

That late afternoon we attended Avery's open house.  Brinna's is tonight.  I would have had time for the 1-2 hour spin I had wanted to do but my cold was peaking or just really kicking my butt so I opted to hang with the family.
I bailed on Tom for the ride we planned for this morning.  Just wasn't sure how I'd feel.  I'm better but not wanting to push it.  I'll get an easy cx spin in.  Back at it on Thursday...maybe a run!

Still up in the air if I'll make it down to the Salsa Demo at Carver Park in the Cities.  If so tomorrow afternoon will be the day.  Would love to go but also know it would feed my appetite for new bikes!


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