Friday, August 15, 2014

Time To Get Back At It.

Days off from work are a funny thing.  I was anxious about leaving work for 5 days and now that my time is nearing the end I'm anxious to go back...make up your mind already!
My time off the bike will end tomorrow too.  It will have been 9 days without riding and 6 days with doing nothing.  I'm ready to get back ready.  Not just the exercise but also eating well again.  Not riding and poor eating tend to go hand in hand with me!

Yesterday we made our way to the MN Zoo.  It was super cool to see Harper get so excited about the animals.  Between the three kids and myself we never had a melt down!  A huge success when walking in the sun all day is involved.  Another great family day.  
The family jets off to my folks cabin tonight for another weekend of fun.  Already bumming they are leaving.

While I was sweating at the zoo an online conversation (me included) was going on about the upcoming winter events and who was doing what: ITI, Fat Pursuit, AH135, and the Tuscobia 150.  With the cost and time commitment of the ITI I really think I will be doing just the ITI, but this conversation has me thinking!  Maybe just one more!  I need to decide soon as registration opens up next month for the AH135. 

In less than two weeks, August 26th, CX racing resumes in MN!  These are Tuesday night races in the cities and require a lot of juggling on my part to make them.  Nonetheless I hope to make a couple of them.

September 6th the Inspiration 100 goes down.  I'm most excited for this.  Great race, great people, and just all around great fun.

Happy Weekend.  Stop by the shop...I'm working!

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