Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Well I did the TNR last night, and survived!
It's been over two weeks since I was on the bike, longer since I've done anything consistent, and longer yet for having done a TNR.
The wind was out of the N/NW, my least favorite way for a group ride.  Getting out of town usually sucks.  Plus we end up doing a similar route which include the rollers into and out of Holdingford...these kill me.  Last night was no different!
I did some pulls and felt ok.  Once we hit the rollers I started to get a pretty good side ache.  That coupled with my fitness and I got dropped by the group of four up front.  We started with 8.  Ended with 4.
The group waited for me in Holdingford and I was able to stick with them for the remainder of the ride.  Guessing the pace eased up some but I was happy nonetheless.  I was tired at the end and ready to be done but was happy how I felt overall.  Another week or so and I should be back to where I was.  It's always odd to be how crappy and out of shape I feel after time off.  But after a few days of being back at it that tends to disappear.

I'm super stoked for this Sunday's gravel ride.  So far I think we have 8-10 riders!  100 miles of gravel...a good tune up for Inspiration.  Give me a shoot if interested.


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