Thursday, August 28, 2014


My head cold seemingly wasn't getting better but in between stages.  I was moving from the sore throat to the now stuffed, woozy head.  Man do I hate colds.  They kick my butt!
So I'm glad I didn't go out an bury myself on a ride yesterday.  I did get two hours in on the cx bike.  Hit up a newish park down county road 8.  Kind of a neat park.  I never see anyone there.  They really need some single track!

I hoped to get a good run in this morning but opted for sleep.  Never sure what to do with a cold.  Lots of fluids but then what?!  So after a solid week last week I feel this week has been pretty blah.
I work till noon today.  Rain is predicted.  The family and I thought about going to the Salsa Demo then the State Fair but rain really makes both those things suck.
I do hope to ride a loop with Mr. Anderson so he can show me the marathon loop for the mtb race in September.  Rain dependent I guess.  Problem is they leave tomorrow for a few weeks.  I'm left in charge of course upkeep and whatnot.


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