Monday, August 11, 2014


I posted seems forever since then.
The two older girls were with my mom at my folk's cabin.  Harper was hanging out with Jen's mom while we drove into the "big" city got coffee and drooled at Angry Catfish.  From there we went to Wise Acres for lunch.  It wasn't all that long but it was great for Jen and I to get out just the two of us.

Saturday morning I said screw it and went for run...I was still sore form a week ago.  I didn't run as long, 35 minutes, but ran stairs, hills, and trail at Riverside.  That's all it more pain!
I worked Saturday as well.  It's only and 8 hour day but it usually turns into 9-10.  I'm always wiped afterwards.

Sunday a few of us planned and early morning gravel ride on the Dirtbag route.  I awoke to rain.  Not feeling like putting myself through miles of sand and wetness I bailed on the ride.  So did the others.  It's for the better too.  I am in resting mode, not all or nothing, just less.  So it's all good!
I did charge the lights at work in case the skies cleared and the Super Moon lead my way.  No such luck, it rained again.

Today starts the beginning of 5 days of vacation.  Maybe some gym time today or maybe not.  We will be packing, etc for a couple days at my folks cabin.  Brinna will be bringing a couple of friends to celebrate her birthday.  While it's in June we usually celebrate it later on, as it's when school just finishes.  Summer just got away from us this year.  Then it may be the MN Zoo, MOA, Vallyfair, or whatever.  Family.  Not much time for biking, again, that's all good.  However, I'm starting to feel fat again!  Oh well pass the ice cream.


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