Tuesday, August 05, 2014

You Should See Me Sit on the Toilet or Walk the Stairs!

Good God my legs hurt from running on Sunday.  Maybe 50 minutes was too much.  Really I could have run 20 and they still hurt, it just takes time.  I tried to foam roll my calves yesterday and I couldn't...it just hurt too much!  I did get the to gym where I used the Elliptical, stretched, did core stuff, lunges, and some upper body lifting (very little).  It felt good to get back.  I was thinking of going again this morning but passed.  I have that addictive personality that I'm trying not to feed into.
I am doing the TNR however.  It was a tough call.  The Benton County Fair starts today and it would be our only time to go.  Cheese Curds, Corn Dogs, and Mini Doughnuts Vs. TNR?!

This week I work till noon on Thursday and have Friday off, (work the weekend).  Jen has to be in the cities Thursday night for a reunion meeting.  I hope to meet up with a friend at Elm Creek and rip it up.  But found out Buck Hill has one more race too.  Hmmm.

I have next week off, Monday-Friday.  Two of those days we are taking Brinna plus two of her friends to my folks cabin to celebrate her birthday, which was back in June!  We hope to get in some summer stuff the rest of the week as Summer is ending!  Yep CX is COMING!!!!

I work Sunday but have a hair brained idea to hit the road and gravel after work and ride through the night.  I'd most likely take most of the week off after this.  Any interest out there?


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