Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Better (much) Better Ride!

OK yesterday's mtb ride made up for, and more, the previous nights ride.  Got out around 8 and rode the North Loop for about an hour till Nate showed up.  We rode some more so he could warm up.  Then it was time to do some Hot Laps!  We did the race course so the perimeter of the parking lot and parts of the ski trail.  I was stoked I was able to keep up with Nate in the open areas, I was on my single speed.  Once the single track hit Nate progressively rode away from me.  But that was to be expected.  Nate lives and breathes mountain biking.  He makes it look easy.  Nonetheless I had a blast and was super excited.  It also confirmed how much Saturday's race will hurt!  Single Speeds and open, flat spaces are tough when everyone isn't on them.  It'll be good for me.

The race work is coming along great.  But it wouldn't be me if I didn't stress about it.  Hell I don't even have much to do the day of the race as I'll be riding most of the day.  Ugh.  It's all the little things that lead up to the race that really make or break the day.  Thinking we've got 'em all covered!

Hopefully we'll see some of you out for trail work tonight at 5:30 and/or race prep on Friday at 1:00.


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