Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Change of Plans?

I told myself that a ride yesterday most likely wouldn't happen.  Lots to do at work on Monday's, kid pick up, plus kid gymnastics in the evening.  Boy did the weather ever tempt me!  Jen gave me the go ahead too but I opted to join them at gymnastics.  Jen is still feeling a bit funky, I don't get to see the kids at gymnastics much, and Harper can, I mean is, a handful.  Still a good evening.
Mike and I hope to hit up so gravel roads this evening...time to charge the lights!

Talking with Jen last night I'm pretty sure I've come to the conclusion to bow out of the Heck of the North and do Baker's Orchard CX instead.  The HoN is an awesome event and I love it.  However I will be coming off two busy race weekends here in St. Cloud.  Both away from work (but work related) and hit or miss with my family.  HoN requires early departure on Friday with a late Saturday return (if I'm lucky) or Sunday...another whole weekend.  Weekends are precious with family and retail.
My family has been to Baker's Orchard the past two years and liked it.  We hang out a bit in Taylor's Falls afterwards as well.  A good Saturday.  Plus I can work at the shop on Sunday too.

So for Now, this is my plan!


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