Thursday, September 04, 2014


Have you ever eaten at Mongo's?  It's a place that has buffet style rows of raw and uncooked food plus oils, seasonings, sauces, and more.  Way too much to take in the first time without some guidance.  You start to fill your bowl with a little of this and a little of that.  By the time you make it to the end you have no idea how it will taste or if you will make it to the cooking station with it not toppling over onto the ground.

Cuyuna is a bit like Mongo's.  I went to Cuyuna yesterday with a friend I started working in the bike biz with some 20 years ago.  The drive up and back was just as fun!
I've only been to Cuyuna a few times and every time I was with a former trail builder or someone that really new the system...hence I just followed and didn't think.  But with some construction going on and my normal parking spot off limits I was all turned around.
There are so many trails that loop back on each other or share a common trail I was easily confused (ha, ha, right?) and ended up doing a lot of the same trail over.  Don't get me wrong it's an awesome system of trails and I love it up there.  But like Mongo's gives you suggestions of what to add to your food to make it "just" perfect Cuyuna should have set routes with designated markings.  Like a 10, 15, and 20 mile loop.  For 10 follow the red "A" signs, for 15 follow the blue "B" signs, and so on.
Just a thought!  Uber fun nonetheless.  Having a crystal clear lake to jump into at the end doesn't hurt either.

Then it was work for the remainder of the day.
Short day for me then it's race prep time.  Get stuff packed and organized.


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