Monday, September 22, 2014

Jail Trail Race.

What a fun, but busy, weekend.
Saturday morning started early with me making a few trips to the North Loop (Jail Trail)...water coolers, boxes of prizes, registration stuff, plus my bike and race gear.  I was lucky enough to be able to do a few things and set off for a warm up.  My warm up was riding the race course to make sure all markings, etc were still in place.  Soon after my warm up it was time to line up for the Marathon Class (as many laps you can do in 3.5 hours) race.

I started on the front line hoping to stay with the leaders in the roll out.  I was happy the pace stayed pretty calm and I was able to enter the single track in 3rd place.  The three of us made some good time on the rest during the first section.  At the first passing lane I jumped to 2nd place.

We hit the Sport Class lap traffic during our 4th and 5th laps.  At first it was really frustrating trying to pass and not be a dick.  But it all seemed to work out.  I lost track of Heath in 1st place.  On our 6th lap I started to see him again.  On our 7th and last lap I think I was starting to gain on him but never enough to close the gap entirely.  I ended up 2nd overall.  The 'ol Salsa Ti Selma rigid single speed did me just fine once again!

The rest of the day was spent doing some race stuff but a lot of just taking the race in.  Once it starts there isn't too much to do.  We wrapped things up just as the rain started...perfect timing.  Later that night I went over to Anderson's for a nice sauna.  Ahhh....

Sunday the alarm clock went off once again.  The High School Series was using our course for their 2nd race of the season.  The shop was wrenching and the club was selling food.  I was out there from 7:45-1:15.  Jen wasn't feeling great so I tried to give her a break from Harper!  All the kids and I went back out around 4 and picked up some stuff.  Home by 5 and our race weekend was finally over!
I'm shot.
Overall another smashing success, which, as always, can't happen without all our volunteers.  Thanks everyone!

Now onto Metal Cross this coming weekend.


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