Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just a Bad Ride.

Last night's ride, at the time, seemed like the worst possible ride ever.  But this morning it was just a bad ride.  Time.
Maybe it was I was't feeling like riding but I don't a lot of the time, but once I get out there I'm glad I did.  Not so much last night.  My hydration pack was leaking, which I stopped a few times to fix.  But it continued to drip down my backside.  About the time I needed to turn on my lights I went to tighten the strap on my battery as it was moving around.  The strap broke leaving me no way to secure the battery.  Down to my helmet light which is old and not at bright.  Then my iPod died.  Really?!  Plus everything was getting to me.  The helmet light cord was bugging me, the roots pissed me off, my skill level sucked, and on and on.  So I did a lap and half or so and called it at an hour.  Not worth it.  I felt if I kept riding I'd surely hurt myself!
I'm going out again this morning.  Take two.

Then the rest of the week will be race prep for the Single Track Escape race on Saturday.  Trail work on Thursday at 5:30 and course setup on Friday at 1:00.  Plus all kinds of general running around for this and that.


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