Monday, September 29, 2014

Metal Cross.

The first weekend of cyclocross just wrapped up in Minnesota, Metal Cross.  The team we sponsor, Revolution Cycle/Twin Six, put the race on.  Once again they hit it out of the park.  Nice job fellas.
For me it was an interesting weekend since Jen also had her 20 year High School reunion, which she was in charge of putting on.  Thank to my folks, my sister and her family, and Jen's folks we juggled the kids around and all was good.
Both days were a bit too hot, 80's, but really sunny skies and riding bike make it hard to complain!

Saturday I did the Single Speed race.  The elite women went off first, 2 minutes later the 45 and 55+ riders went off, then a minute later we went off.  This new format works way better than previous years.  Much more spread out and hence easier to pass.  I wanted to stick with the lead guys as long as I could and that lasted about a 1/4 lap!  Just too fast for me.  About 2 laps in I found my groove and just went about my business of not crashing and trying to move up.  I ended in 4th about 30 seconds off of the podium.  I'll take it.  Super fun day!  But 45 minutes had me shot...amazing.

Sunday I was slotted to do the same race.  I had a poor start and was pushing to try and rebound.  About a 1/2 lap in I flatted out, ugh.  I was bummed but such is cross.  I changed my tube and signed up for the elite race going off next.  During warm up, about 10 minutes to the start, I got another flat!  I messed up and pinched my tube between my tire.  Brian helped me out and I got to the line as they were doing call ups.  I started dead last.
I have to say I like the hour race.  Through out the race I slowly moved my way up, bit by bit.  However it wasn't a lot.  Starting last in about 30 racers I moved up to what I'd guess 20th.  The hour race is broken down into Cat 1/2, Cat 3, and 35+.  I was doing the 35+ but don't know I how ended there.  Some pretty fast dudes out there.  Happy to say I wasn't lapped!
Super fun day any way you look at it.

Next Saturday Baker's Orchard.

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