Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Bike Day!

Finally Tuesday morning Mike and I pounded out my All City Nature Boy, which happens to be single speed and disc brake.  I've had the frame and parts for awhile but was waiting on some rims, Hed Belgium +, to come back into stock.  They just showed up yesterday!  For now the bike is using the Easton CX disc wheel set.  I also have a set of Onyx hubs coming to test and beat up.  I'll do my best!

I took the bike out yesterday morning for a shake down ride.  The bike is solid and rides very well!  I didn't even have to adjust the seat height.  But I am one to just get on and ride and not worry about that stuff, (thanks bike magazines and internet for convincing everyone they need a "fit" to enjoy biking).
I did a little loop down county road 8 and back to the North Loop for a partial lap.  Man a cx bike with disc brakes is so fun on single track!  The Clement PDX tires hook up!

Well I think the bike is ready for Metal Cross...time will tell on me.


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