Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Night Ride.

It's been awhile but last night I finally got out for a night gravel ride.  The plan was to meet at Mike's house around 8:15 and roll out form there.  I went back and forth if I was going to ride over or drive.  I planned on driving so I could get home faster once the ride was done.  But as the departure time neared I opted for the bike and a bit earlier start time.
Per usual we did part of the Dirt Bag course.  As John, the new Dirt Bag director, mentioned to me earlier: the gravel was almost perfect!  We nearly clipped a couple of deer and got our heart rate jacked my a sneak attack from a dog.  Keeps ya on your toes.  And then it started to rain.  What?!  The weather forecast showed suns and too warm of temps all week.  At least by this point we had turned for home and were now with the wind.
Since Matt lives out in the middle of nowhere he pulled off for home long before Mike and I were back in town.  About a mile from Matt's turn off point the roads were dry.  Looks like we were lucky enough to find the one rain cell moving through the area.  Winner.  Mike turned for home and I was on the Beaver Island Trail heading for home too.  I ended with 3.5 hours.
The downside to night riding is the sleep or lack thereof.   By the time I got cleaned up, stuff put away, and some liquids in me it was around 11:20.  Of course I had to run through my Twitter feed so I'm guessing I got 5 hours of sleep.  Tonight will be a make up night.

I finished building my All City Nature Boy SS CX Disc bike yesterday.  Today will be the maiden voyage in hopes of breaking it in for this weekends Metal Cross races.  Report tomorrow.


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