Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not Our Typical Monday.

I'm not one to usually complain about "Monday's", but yesterday kind of sucked.  Started off normal enough.  I got Avery to school and hit the gym.  I was 13 minutes in on the rowing machine when the receptionist told me the phone was for me.  Great, now what?!  The van was acting all crazy with the power going in and out.  Well I got my 13 minute workout in!  Time to get Jen and Brinna.  The rest of the day was spent figuring out how to get the car to the dealer, how to get a loaner, how to pick up the kids, and how to get the kids to gymnastics.  We figured it out and bikes were involved but when you're not planning on it, it sucks.  So the evening mtb ride was spent driving to Little Falls to get a loaner.  So that was Monday.

Hoping to get a night ride in tonight.  Not sure if mtb, road, or gravel will get the call but something!  In the end I guess it was good to not ride or do much yesterday.  My legs are a bit tired from running on Saturday and I did get a solid week of riding in.  My plan is still to race the Marathon Class on Saturday so legs with a bit more snap should be nice.

Ok...happy Tuesday.

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